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Emphasize the image, increase comfort. Automate indoor-marketing, increase sales

About us

Audio marketing

"Market music" today – a team of 20 professionals, and offices in Moscow, Kiev, Minsk, and US, more than 50 network clients, and more than 5,000 sales outlets, which have used our products and achieved success.

Our Advantages
Licensed content

We make royalties to ASCAP, SESAC and BMI or use high quality content affordable at European music labels

Centralization and automation

Our system can be easily and quickly implemented in networks of all sizes. We provide service and management to solve your problem as a whole


Neuromarketing understanding allows us create the atmosphere, which stimulates sales and increases brand equity


The most advanced patented audiovisual marketing technologies. Our solution is simple, compact, affordable and effective


We develop customized science-based audiovisual solutions or provide ready options suitable for your business

The program for music and video

‘Market Player 2.0’ has been designed for prompt and simple set-up, support and renewal of background music/video, which ensures effective customers’ contact with your brand.

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‘Market Music’ solution features:

  • - Off-line broadcasting (broadcasting is not interrupted in case of internet connection failure)
  • - Ability to change the broadcasting network and update the content;
  • - Ability to adjust the level of volume in retail outlets;
  • - Ability to generate detailed reports on audio and advertisement blocks broadcast;
  • - Ability to perform a complete media planning of advertisement broadcast.
  • - Exclusion of unauthorized access into volume, settings and schedule of content broadcasting;
  • - Ability to synchronize audio and video streams (video broadcast is accompanied with thematic content sound);
  • - Equal sound distribution on the areas

Sound equipment is an essential component of your success, along with software and audio content. Even if your audio content 100% satisfies marketing purposes, meets the brand needs and affects the target audience, the venture may fail if you do not invest into a good sound system. So why wouldn’t you let Market Music experts to help you to make the right choice?

Our project:


Every business where the consumers come into direct contact with the brand, whether it is a food retail network or a fashion boutique, bank, pharmacy or casino, faces the necessity of appropriate music setting in sales points. This question seems difficult because of such things as copyright, content selection and updates, unique format development, etc.

‘Market Music’ shoulders all the cares.

We cooperate with copyright collection societies and allowed to make selections from their catalogues, as well as offer licensed music content from 150 well-known European music labels at affordable prices.

Music selection from ‘Market Music’ allows:

  • - to manage customers’ stay time at points of sale (either to accelerate or decelerate consumers’ behavior)
  • - to improve customers’ loyalty and effectively emphasize the most distinctive brand features
  • - to create comfortable atmosphere and increase the number of spontaneous purchases
  • - to use effective audio advertising to inform visitors about ongoing actions
Legal support

If you want to broadcast music publically, you have to pay tax for it to the authorized body which has the right to collect fees and distribute them among the authors.

On the United States territory, this question is controlled by three organizations: ASCAP, SESAC and BMI. We cooperate with them. Besides, we have exclusive rights to use certain European music in United States.

Regardless whether you pay royalties on copyright to ASCAP, SESAC and BMI or take advantage of some licensed music from European labels, we will provide legal support on all the matters that has to do with copyright and related rights and ensure 100% legal purity of your music.

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